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China Daily: International Scholars Discuss China’s Role in the World

[Repost from China Daily]
Credit to Zhao Xinying

A symposium was held at Peking University from Thursday to Saturday to hear different perspectives on China’s impact on the world and the influences the world has on China.

The Yenching Global Symposium, a three-day event with the theme “China meets the world, the world comes to China”, was organized by the Yenching scholars, the first cohort of Peking University’s China studies program, Yenching Academy.

The 192 delegates to the symposium hail from more than 50 countries and regions of the world. Half of them are Yenching scholars and the other half are talented graduate students and accomplished young professionals from a wide range of fields who stood out from 1,800 applicants from 137 countries.

The symposium, hosted to “foster a dialogue between people in different fields and from different generations” – as Yenching scholar and Chairman of the symposium Laya Maheshwari said in the opening remarks, comprised a series of seminars, keynote speeches and interactive sessions that shed light on China’s politics, economy, history and culture.

Some guest speakers, including Guillermo Pulido, head of the Center for Mexican-Chinese Studies of the National University of Mexico in Beijing; Alexander Storozhuk, head of Chinese Philology at the Saint Petersburg State University; Jorge Heine, the Ambassador of Chile to China and Kevin Rudd, former Prime Minister of Australia, were invited to share their views with the delegates.

Yuan Ming, Dean of the academy, expressed her appreciation and how she felt touched by the event. “Being shaped and brought together by the students themselves”, Yuan said the symposium, a flagship event of the Yenching Academy, is proof that academy is working to nurture talent with leadership and talent that connects China with the world.

Organiser Laya Maheswari speaks to the conference

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