Poetry in China

Poetry in China: media


Can one ever trust what the newspapers tell?

What the headlines are screaming about so brightly?

The silenced narratives

Censored liberal voices

Nothing to be said about the lives that matter

The ones that keep being forgotten and erased

As if it should matter whether it happens

In the West or in the East

In the rich North or the poor South

The people are people wherever you go

Each breath and soul should be equal and mourned

Everyone should be remembered and inquired about safety

Censorship where there is supposed to be freedom

Preferred stories and one-sided perspective

Unfairness in the countries of equality.

“The idea for this particular poem came to me instantaneously. Over recent weeks I have been reading and looking through many different media outlets which made me think about the double standards and chosen narratives seen in newspapers and on television.
China not only censors domestic news but also news from the West, where you see nothing about terrorist attacks in Turkey or Pakistan; everything is shadowed by incidents in Western Europe. I simply believe that no matter in what country the news happen they should be treated and covered equally, be it China or Germany.
The Chinese news did not cover all the incidents either and has censored many of the goings-on. All these events created a whirlpool in my mind which I just had to put on paper.”

一 Ugnė Mikalajūnaitė.


‘media’ was written by Ugnė Mikalajūnaitė.

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