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14 December 2016
Middle Kingdom Review

Does China Rule the World?

Since opening up and reform, many have commented on China’s rapid rise and development. The twenty first century was claimed to be the century of China – but is this really the case? China faces domestic challenges such as slowing economic growth and intensifying nationalism but it also must deal with an uncertain exogenous world, not least with the election of Donald Trump. So does China really rule the world and what challenges will it face in 2017?

We are looking for 2000+ word submissions based on China’s rise and its relationship to the modern world. Articles should offer enlightening and innovative insights on this theme and can approach the topic from a variety of perspectives .

The deadline for this call is soon approaching; submissions will be accepted until 20 December 2016

Prof. Dr. Zhang Qingmin, Chair of the Department of Diplomacy at Peking University and member of the Middle Kingdom Review academic advisory board, will be reviewing submissions for this round.


Read more about our advisory board by clicking here
Read more about the submission guidelines by clicking here

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