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Welcome Prof. Dr. Daniel Bell 贝淡宁

Although Christmas has passed, the Middle Kingdom Review team has a final surprise to end 2016:

Middle Kingdom Review wishes to warmly welcome Prof. Dr. Daniel Bell 贝淡宁 to join the academic advisory board. Bell is an influential China scholar and thinker and has recently published his work on Chinese political meritocracy in his 2015 book “The China Model: Political Meritocracy and the Limits of Democracy”. Middle Kingdom Review looks forward to Bell’s keen involvement in the New Year 2017!


Prof. Dr. Daniel Bell is the dean of the faculty of politics and public administration at Shandong university and is Chair Professor of the Schwarzman Scholar Program at Tsinghua University in Beijing. Born in Montreal, USA, Bell received his B.A. from the Deapartment of Psychology at McGill University and his M.Phil and D.Phil in politics from Oxford University.

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