Research Article: Images of God at Anyuan – An Anthropological Analysis of Art

[Access] Images of God at Anyuan: An Anthropological Analysis of Art By Thiago Braga Published online: 1 February 2017   Abstract: During the Cultural Revolution, the image of Mao Zedong ascended to that of a God, as his cult of personality influenced many aspects of Chinese society and culture. Chinese art took an aesthetic of veneration… Continue reading Research Article: Images of God at Anyuan – An Anthropological Analysis of Art

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Happy New Year 新年快乐!

Best wishes and a very happy and prosperous Year of the Rooster from the Middle Kingdom Review!

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Welcome Prof. Dr. Daniel Bell 贝淡宁

Although Christmas has passed, the Middle Kingdom Review team has a final surprise to end 2016:

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14 December 2016 Middle Kingdom Review Does China Rule the World? Since opening up and reform, many have commented on China's rapid rise and development. The twenty first century was claimed to be the century of China - but is this really the case? China faces domestic challenges such as slowing economic growth and intensifying… Continue reading DECEMBER CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: DEADLINE

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Welcome Prof. Dr. Zhang Qingmin 张清敏

As of 10 December 2016, Middle Kingdom Review proudly welcomes Prof. Dr. Zhang Qingmin 张清敏 to join its advisory board and looks forward to his involvement in future projects with the Middle Kingdom Review. Professor Zhang Qingmin is the Chair of the Department of Diplomacy at Peking University. He is the author of "China’s Foreign Relations", "U.S.… Continue reading Welcome Prof. Dr. Zhang Qingmin 张清敏


North Korea: Seeing and Believing

How the problematic mode of perceiving and understanding the North Korean problem has inhibited any meaningful engagement process By Benjamin Griffin In recent months, with on-going missile and nuclear tests, the DPRK has sustained its prevalence in the media spotlight. China is often looked to as the key mediator in the DPRK problem; indeed in… Continue reading North Korea: Seeing and Believing